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January Service Spotlight – Wellbeing Walks

Bath Mind run a free weekly Wellbeing Walk in partnership with Bathscape. We had a chat with Angela, Wellbeing Deputy Manager, to hear about the walks and how they can support our mental wellbeing.

Can you tell us what Wellbeing Walks are?

Wellbeing Walks are short, gentle walks led by volunteers from Bath Mind and Bathscape. Volunteers adapt the walk so that it’s a pace and suitability that is right for the whole group and the walks are relaxed, social, and friendly. Whether you’re looking to add more movement into your routine, would like to meet new people or want to get some fresh air and an opportunity to enjoy nature, do come along to our free Wellbeing Walks in 2023!

How do Wellbeing Walks benefit mental wellbeing?

Walking and being in nature are proven to have numerous physical and mental health benefits.  The mental health benefits include better sleep (by making you feel more tired at the end of the day) and happier moods (physical activity releases feel-good hormones that make you feel better in yourself and give you more energy). Walking is also proven to be a great way to help us manage stress, anxiety or intrusive and racing thoughts.

What sort of people come along to Wellbeing Walks?

People of all ages and backgrounds attend the walking group – everyone is welcome! We meet at 11am every Thursday at the car park of Monksdale Road Allotments and our walk lasts no longer than an hour. No need to book, just come along if you fancy it!

What’s your favourite thing about working within Bath Mind’s wellbeing groups service?

I love the team and the creative nature of the job.

Thank you, Angela, for telling us all about Bath Mind’s Wellbeing Walks, and to the volunteers who help deliver this great group! You can find out more about Wellbeing Walks here.


Posted on: 22nd December 2022

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