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Bath Mind stands with the LGBTQ+ community, allying with equal rights and acceptance for all, every month of the year. 

Those of us who identify as LGBTQI+ are more likely to experience a mental health problem. For many, the COVID-19 pandemic may have made things more difficult. Those of us who identify as LGBTQ+ are more likely to develop problems like:

However, being LGBTQ+ does not cause these problems. The reasons why those of us with LGBTQ+ identities are more likely to experience a mental health problem are complicated. But it may be linked to LGBTQ+ specific experiences, such as: 

If you’re looking for further resources on support and allyship for LGBTQ+ people, take a look at our resource section below:

Resources for LGBTQ+ People

Mind’s information page on support for anyone who identifies as LGBTQ+

Mindline Trans+, a national confidential, emotional and mental health support helpline for people who identify as Transgender, Agender, Gender Fluid, Non-binary or figuring out gender identity

Black Trans Foundation is a non-profit organisation working for the social advancement of Black* trans* people in the UK.

Black Pride is a black gay pride event in London that has taken place since 2005

Consortium’s directory of LGBTQ+ specific resources and support

Pinktherapy directory on LGBTQ+ specific counselling and therapy (please note that this is private sector, not accessible to everyone), also have training for people working with LGBTQ+ people

Switchboard, a LGBTQ+ specific helpline and online chat (all phone volunteers identify as LGBTQ+)

Imaan is a charity that supports LGBTQ+ Muslims, providing an online forum where people can share experiences and ask for help.
Transcaf is a safe space for people aged 18+ who are trans, non-binary, agender, intersex and gender-diverse.

Local Support For Young People

Just Like Us is a video sharing young people’s experiences.

Off The Record B&NES a mental health and wellbeing charity supporting young people aged 10-25 across Bath and North East Somerset.

The Proud Trust is an online support for LGBT+ young people.

Gendered Intelligence share resources by and for trans young people and gender questioning young people in the UK. 

Mind Line Trans is a confidential mental health support helpline and signposting service for LGBTQ+ people.

Switchboard LGBT+ is a helpline and instant messenger service for LGBTQ+ people.

Scarletten offer inclusive relationship and sexual health information for teenagers and young adults.

SARI  provides free and confidential support for anyone who is a victim of hate crime across Avon and Somerset.

Safe Banes offer sexual health advice for people living in B&NES.

GALOP support LGBTQ+ people who are victims of domestic abuse, sexual violence and other forms of abuse.

AKT supports LGBTQ+ young people aged 16-25 in the UK who are experiencing homelessness or living in a hostile or abusive environment.

Oasis Bath  is an inclusive, progressive church and community charity in Bath.

Resources for allies

Stonewall glossary of definitions of gender and sexual expression

Becoming an active LGBTQ+ ally by Stonewall

Video: Intersectionality Explained by the National Association of Independent Schools 

Pride and Joy, 10 Ways to be an Active Ally BBC Sounds Episode

How to support someone who has come out to you

Using Gender Pronouns – “For most, their singular and visible gender identity is a privilege. Not everybody has this privilege; those that are referred to with the wrong pronoun can feel disrespected, invalidated, and alienated.”

Mindline Trans+ also support family members and friends and provide signposting to other services and resources.

Mind’s supporting someone who is LGBTQ+

Stonewalls ‘Becoming an Active Ally‘ article with tips on how to be a good ally – ‘To be an LGBT ally is easy. If you agree in equality and fair treatment in society of people who identify as LGBT then already you are an ally.’ 

Bath Mind’s service are open and inclusive of all, and can be accessed by anyone looking for support with their mental health. To understand how Bath Mind can support you, head to Our Services.

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