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Counselling has been invaluable at a time of financial crisis, I am so grateful to have received help at a cost I can afford.

Our counselling service

Bath Mind offer an affordable counselling service for individuals aged 16+ looking to benefit from talking therapies. Counselling services are offered at two locations in Bath city centre. 

How can I access counselling?

Due to the high need and number of referrals we have received, there is currently a minimum waiting list of up to three months for sessions to begin. We are able to process initial assessments in the meantime.

I’m a counselling client, how do I pay for my sessions?

We ask clients to make a weekly contribution towards the cost of their sessions, tailored to individual circumstances. This will be agreed between the client and the counsellor during the initial counselling assessment. The usual contribution range is between £10 and £50.

Once your weekly session amount is agreed with your Counsellor, you can pay online.

Pay for counselling here.

To book an assessment, please contact [email protected]. Please note: We will be unable to respond to non-counselling assessment related enquiries due to the high number of emails this account receives. 

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