Serotonin Fuzz – A Poem by Marilyn

Serotonin Fuzz – By Marilyn

Serotonin fuzz, dopamine pops and drops, endorphins flow and fade in my daily quest to immerse. Seeking pockets of joy and escape.

Little pleasures being the best bits of the day – glimmers!

A cold fresh swim, waking my senses, the gym session pumping happy hormones, the sun burning bright orange, red and pinks at the end of a busy day, completing tasks from a checklist – CHECK!

Then the still…

A moment of quiet, my feet still restless, my brain tired but firing up, still searching. The need to keep moving and my mind racing onto the NEXT.

A constant limbo of now and then, what is next? Fixating on small details and forgetting the big ones or sometimes the other way around.

Remembering and forgetti….

A sense of urgency, I have got to be somewhere, do one more thing leaving chaos behind me while learning and gathering.

Those who know me finding this endearing, smiling as I weave my busy path.

Creative, impulsive, spotting details and patterns, problem solving, interesting perspectives, high energy, immense joy in people, places, the buzz of a new hobby.

Intent…loss of intent.

Feeling deeply up and down, knowing deep sadness and enjoying deep joy. Big emotions, big thoughts, big heart in this chaotic world. 

This is me in all my shades.

A huge thank you to Marilyn for sharing this wonderful poem to mark Neurodiversity Celebration Week.

Posted on: 13th March 2024

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