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Mental Health and Me – A Poem by Emily

Mental Health and Me

When my mental health is bad,

I feel helpless, angry,


and sad.


But there are steps I often take,

To help improve my mood,

And you can give them a try,

For they may help you too.


I go walking with my two dogs,

To clear the mental fog,

I nourish myself with wholesome food,

To chase away the low mood.


I limit the hours on my phone,

For social media can make me feel alone,

I watch movies in a relaxing bath,

Especially ones that provoke a laugh.


Finally, remember to reach out.

In person, by text, by letter or by phone,

However you’re feeling

Please know that you are never alone.

A huge thank you to Emily for sharing this poem. If you’d like to contribute a written piece to our Your Stories blog, get in touch!

Posted on: 18th December 2023

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