#MindOverMoney Campaign launched in BaNES

Over 100,000 people in the UK attempt suicide every year due to debt (Money and Mental Health Policy Institute, 2018). Citizens Advice BaNES are addressing this challenge by tackling the debt issue, while their partner, Bath Mind, deals with the mental wellbeing aspect for people in our community.

Join the #MindOverMoney campaign that aims to provide support for vulnerable people by dealing with their debt. To achieve the campaign goal, Citizens Advice need to employ a debt specialist to work two days per week, helping 75 more people per year with their debt problems, alleviating their stress and worry.

There are offices with which to deliver this service. There are many vulnerable people who need the service. Citizens Advice B&NES and Bath Mind just need the funding to make it happen.


Donate to the #MindOverMoneyCampaign here.


Looking for more information?

For more information on the campaign, and where raised money will be spent, see the Citizens Advice webpage below. 



Posted on: 10th March 2020

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