January Service Spotlight – Breathing Space

Our Breathing Space service began during the height of the pandemic. Last year the team received 3,378 calls to its evening crisis line (a 25% increase on the previous year) and 2,490 visits to the in-person hub, highlighting the ongoing need for this type of crisis support. We spoke with Sarah Lane, a member of the Breathing Space team, to find out more.

Can you tell us what the Breathing Space service is?

Breathing Space is an evening service to support people experiencing mental health difficulties. We offer a face-to-face service or you can speak to someone on the phone 365 days a year.

How does the service benefit mental wellbeing?

The service provides people with a kind and empathic listening ear. We create a warm and non-judgmental space for people to feel safe to share their difficulties; as well as this, there is always tea and biscuits available!

What sort of challenges do people who utilise the service face?

People calling or attending Breathing Space experience a wide range of difficulties including anxiety, low mood and suicidal ideation.

What are some of the successful outcomes you see from people after they’ve reached out to the service?

I’ve seen people gain confidence after coming to the face-to-face service; from not being able to speak then after some time and trust building, being able to share their most painful experiences. I feel that we provide a consistent and warm space where people can feel safe and that in itself may be something that some people do not experience anywhere else in their life.

What’s your favourite thing about working at Breathing Space?

The team! My colleagues are lovely. It might sound cheesy, but I have never worked in such a lovely, supportive team.

And the hardest part?

It can be hard listening to difficult life stories but I also feel privileged that people trust us to share their experiences.

Thank you, Sarah, for telling us all about Breathing Space, and to the Breathing Space team for all their hard work! If you’re in need of evening mental health support, our Breathing Space services are here for you.

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Posted on: 3rd January 2024

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