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Our  hugely  successful  B&NES  accredited  recovery  service  offers  practical assistance  to  people  living  in  their  own  homes  to  help  them  live  an independent  and  fulfilling  life.  We  offer  support  with  building  self-confidence,  health  and  wellbeing,  living  skills,  budgeting,  social  connections,  housing  issues  and  accessing  community  facilities.  Our community  support  staff  offer  flexible  person  centred  support  from  one  hour  plus  a  week  across  B&NES.     

The  cost  of  the  service  is  £20.60  per  hour*. 


You can either download the referral form below and email/post it back to us or click the yellow referral button to the left to refer yourself directly.

Referral Form For Community Support Service

Please send enquiries  and  referrals  to:

[email protected]

Tel: 07538113880 

*(2020-21 charge and is subject to annual change) 

The  client’s  family  gave  me  some  really  good  feedback  on  what  Bath  Mind  have  managed  to  achieve.  I  am  so  pleased  and  think  you  lot  are  great!

Quote  from  Mental  Health  team  professional

The support staff are very calm, kind and genuine. They are insightful about my mental health issues and recovery. I feel heard and understood for the first time in a long time. I’m regaining my belief in myself and my strength and it’s beginning to make a big difference in my life. I hope to thrive not just survive and I’m confident Bath Mind is there for that journey in an important, essential and unique way.

Quote from client


  • We have increased our level of service provision 800% since beginning in August 2017.
  • We have successfully supported clients to live independently after being historical regular attendees in psychiatric hospitals each year due to the lack of support in their lives to manage their wellbeing.
  • We have successfully supported clients to manage their lives better, including improving self-care skills, progressing to independent living, coping better with home organisation, accessing support groups and challenging difficulties such as anti-social behaviour from neighbours and unhelpful decisions by the mental health services, all with positive results.
  • The clients and families of clients we support give very positive feedback on our service.
  • We are always there to raise early levels of concern if a client were to show signs of regress in their mental health.


COVID service Risk Assessment – Community Support Risk Assessment Covid-19

Case Study

Hannah (not her real name) was discharged from a long-term stay in a psychiatric hospital and returned home to live with her partner. Prior to her admission, Hannah, who lives with schizoaffective disorder, had become very low in mood and lacking in motivation for daily living tasks. After returning home we commenced daily support to her encouraging her to take her medication, get up and dressed each day, make meals, go shopping and fill her days with activities she enjoyed. Hannah began to adjust back into her independent life and continues to build on her successes. Hannah’s family believe that without our support she would possibly have been readmitted to hospital soon after the original discharge and have been pleased with what we have helped her achieve.

Case Study

I contacted Bath Mind to discuss whether they could assist my son, John, who has had a diagnosis of schizophrenia for some years. The Community Support Team spoke with John and arranged regular support and social opportunities. Unfortunately, events took a sad turn and John’s mental health deteriorated rapidly. Bath Mind were there helping to get the right care for John who was becoming very unwell, vulnerable and isolated within a community that was unable to understand his situation. The Community Support Team persistently helped by contacting the mental health team and expressing concern and listening to me as I became increasingly anxious and distraught. In a difficult situation Bath Mind did listen, Bath Mind did take action, Bath Mind were supportive and eventually John was admitted to hospital, spending several weeks on an intensive care ward.

Quote from family member

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