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Top Tips for Starting Secondary School

As the summer days wind down and September draws near, many children will be feeling a mixture of excitement and nervousness.

For many young students, moving to a new class, changing school, or moving up to secondary school is a significant milestone. Our Room 627 Project is here to offer young people a guiding hand.

Top tips to support a smooth transition into the new year:

1. Walk Through It Together: Explore the Unknown with a Guide.

Embarking on a new chapter can often be intimidating, especially when faced with a different schedule and unfamiliar hallways. But remember, you’re not alone on this journey. Reach out to someone for support, be it a parent, a friend, or a teacher. Take a stroll through your new school before the term begins to familiarise yourself with the surroundings. Even better, consider connecting with an older student who can share their experiences and insights, making the whole process feel less daunting

2. Healthy Routines: Nourish Your Body and Mind.

Establishing routines is really helpful during times of transition. Prioritise healthy habits that support your wellbeing; a good night’s sleep, balanced meals, and dedicated time for completing homework can anchor your days. Don’t forget to carve out moments for chill time too! It’s essential to strike a balance between work and play, allowing you to recharge your batteries and stay enthusiastic about the exciting new challenges.

3. Seek Out Some Fun: Forge Connections and Explore Interests.

Secondary school isn’t just about academic growth; it’s brimming with opportunities to discover new passions and make new friends. Try to get involved in after-school clubs or summer activities that align with your interests. Engaging with like-minded peers can help you form a support network, making the transition to a new school or class less daunting. Also, don’t underestimate the power of spending time in nature or practicing mindfulness – these activities can help foster a sense of calm and self-assuredness.

4. Talk About It: Share Your Feelings and Embrace Vulnerability.

In times of change, it’s okay to feel a mix of excitement, anxiety, and everything in between. Open up to family, friends, or someone you trust about your thoughts and feelings. By doing so, you not only release some of the emotional weight but also give yourself permission to experience this journey authentically.

5. Encourage Others: Spread Positivity and Be a Supportive Ally.

The transition to secondary school isn’t just about your own journey – it’s a collective experience for your peers as well. If you notice a friend or sibling struggling, be their source of encouragement. Your positivity and empathetic attitude can be infectious, inspiring others to approach this transition with newfound confidence. As you lift others up, you’ll find yourself growing stronger and more resilient in the process.

Moving up to secondary school is a big step, but with these tips, we hope you’ll feel more prepared and confident to embrace the new opportunities ahead.

Want to find out more?

If you’d like more tips and support around changing schools, check out Room 627’s helpful slideshow. You can find out more about Bath Mind’s Room 627 Project and the work they do with young people here.

Posted on: 30th August 2023

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