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November Service Spotlight – Emergency Department Adult Intervention Service

Based at the RUH in Bath’s Emergency Department, Bath Mind’s Emergency Department Adult Intervention Service offers one-to-one support to anyone presenting to the Emergency Department with mental health crisis behaviours. We had a chat with Laura, who manages the team, to find out more about what the service provides and who it supports.

Can you tell us about the Emergency Department Adult Intervention Service?

Bath Mind’s Emergency Department service is situated in A&E at the RUH and is open seven days a week from 9am-6pm. Here, people can access emergency support from our experienced, trauma informed practitioners. The staff will provide emotional support, offer safety planning, and help you plan your next steps to improve your mental health and wellbeing. This may be by exploring suitable local services, referring to Bath Mind’s Access Community Mental Health team, or by exploring coping mechanisms and grounding techniques to help you manage independently.

We always follow up with the person within 24 hours (and at agreed intervals thereafter) to eliminate feelings of isolation and abandonment following support.

Why is it an important service?

Before Bath Mind were situated at A&E, many people who presented with lower-level mental health needs were not able to be given much time or information before being discharged. This is due to the sheer volume of people who present at A&E daily. At Bath Mind, we are very well educated on what is available in the community and take pride in supporting people to enhance their mental health and wellbeing “toolbox”. The idea is that this will have a knock-on effect and hopefully result in less people presenting at A&E, as well as people leaving feeling more valued and better supported.

What sort of challenges do your clients face?

We work with people with a wide range of mental health needs, and with those who present with predominantly physical health needs who also require mental health support before leaving hospital. Lots of our clients feel isolated in the community and are unsure where to turn to get help, leading them to the doors of A&E. We hope to support and signpost to prevent this from happening again.

Can you tell us about some successful outcomes of the Emergency Department Adult Intervention service?

People leaving A&E feeling valued and with more information about where to turn in the community for support should they need it.

The follow up phone calls allow us to check in and find out if our clients have accessed the services they’ve been signposted to, and to offer more support from another service should they need it.

What’s your favourite thing about the service?

Being able to help people who feel that they are at a dead end and seeing them leave with some hope and resources to help themselves. We also love being able to offer the follow up phone calls.

Can you share what the hardest part of working for the service is?

Needing to be ready for all sorts of eventualities. We do not know who is going to present at A&E and staff need to be able to think on their feet! Luckily, we have very skilled, dedicated staff who are always ready!

Thank you Laura for telling us all about the Emergency Department Adult Intervention Service, and to the team for their hard work! You can find out more about the service here


Posted on: 15th November 2022

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