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September Service Spotlight – Orchard House

Our new service, Orchard House, launched last week! Located in Midsomer Norton, Orchard House is a non-medical house offering mental health support and accommodation for people in crisis. We had a chat with Megan, who manages the team, to find out more about this vital new service. 

What support does the Orchard House provide?

Orchard House provides short term accommodation of 7-10 days for adults experiencing a mental health crisis. We are a non-medical support house based in Midsomer Norton and can accommodate up to 4 people who we will be supporting at one time. We provide all meals, with staff cooking in the evening. We provide a step-up service for people living in the community, and a step-down service for those leaving an in-patient setting. Orchard House is staffed 24/7 with a sleep in overnight for emergencies.

Why is it an important service?

Orchard House is important as we are able to support those in mental health crisis in various different ways. This includes 1:1 emotional support, crisis and safety planning, coping strategies, relaxation and mindfulness techniques, as well as helping people with their daily living skills to hopefully return home safely. We help with further referrals to other services and signposting too! The list of what we can help with is extensive.

How will the new service impact client’s mental wellbeing?

We are able to provide varied support, as detailed above, so people are able to leave Orchard House and use the skills we have provided them with, in order to maintain and improve their own mental health. They’ll also have the added support of services we may have signposted them to.

Where will clients move on to after they have left Orchard House?

The people we support will hopefully return home to their own homes, to a family member, or to a friend’s house; which ever they feel safe to be in and where will aid them in improving their mental wellbeing further.  

What’s been your favourite part of setting up this new service?

My favourite part in setting up this service has been putting together a great team who all have the same goal, and that is to provide this service to those in B&NES, Swindon and Wiltshire. We all want to be a part of the change in helping those in mental health crisis, and hopefully enable them all to return home safely.

Thank you, Megan, for telling us all about Orchard House, and to the team for all their hard work in launching the service! 

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Posted on: 19th September 2023

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