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World Book Day – Books to Benefit Wellbeing

This World Book Day we have collaborated with Mr B’s Emporium, Bath-based bloggers and Bath Mind staff to share a wonderful selection of inspiring and uplifting books to benefit your wellbeing. From nutritious recipe books to uplifting fiction and practical wellbeing resources, these are books that offer wisdom, hope and empowerment – this World Book Day and beyond.  

Listen book review

Mr B’s Kate recommends Listen by Gabi Snyder, Illustrated by Stephanie Graegin:

‘This lovely book encourages the reader to focus on the small sounds in the noise of the world around them – like a belly rumble or a drop of rain on an umbrella. Sometimes the world feels like a lot, so focus on the little things!’

Pumpkin Heads book review

Nethmi from Mr B’s recommends graphic novel, Pumpkin Heads by Rainbow Rowell:

‘A heartfelt and uplifting graphic novel about two friends enjoying their yearly autumn tradition for the last time. This story is a beautiful reflection on focusing on the present rather than worrying about the future.’


Well Gardened Mind book review

Tess from Mr B’s recommends The Well Gardened Mind by Sue Stuart-Smith:

‘A runaway Mr B’s hit, this delicate meditation on mental health and gardening is just the ticket now we’re marching into spring. If you feel like you need a little guidance on getting back in touch with nature to boost your wellbeing, I’d look no further!’


Eat Green book review

Eat Green by Melissa Hemsley is Emma from Mr B’s recommended wellbeing book:

‘Eating healthy with the planet in mind is a recipe for a delicious meal and a happy head! Melissa Hemsley’s recipes focus on a simple list of ingredients, with commonplace veggies as the main event.’

Burnout the book

Book blogger @bookiewithacookie recommends Burnout by Emily and Amelia Nagoski:

‘I can’t recommend this book enough. Burnout by Emily and Amelia Nagoski provides life-changing insight into how we as individuals and communities can navigate a world that often promotes overworking and constant giving. 

Top tip: If you can, try listening to the audiobook version. It was great to listen to this book, particularly on days when you can’t find the energy to keep your eyes open or concentrate on reading.’

Still Life book review

Lottie from Mr B’s recommends Still Life by Sarah Winman:

‘Florence, 1944: British soldier Ulysses and Art Historian Evelyn team up to rescue an extraordinary Renaissance painting from German bombs. A joyous and hopeful tale of found family and happiness in the face of adversity.’

The Bug Collector book review

Tom from Mr B’s recommends children’s picture book, The Bug Collector by Alex Griffiths:

‘George is on a mission to collect bugs! But he soon finds out that there are none left in his garden, and the ones he’s caught look less than happy…A beautifully told lesson in the inextricable link between the wellbeing of the natural world and ourselves. ’

Mental Health First Aid Manual

Bath Mind’s Emily recommends MHFA England‘s Adult Mental Health First Aid Manual:

‘I recently completed Bath Mind’s amazing Mental Health First Aid course, and as part of the training, you receive this brilliant manual. It’s so comprehensive and covers everything from what mental health is to explanations of various mental health illnesses to helpful resources. An absolute must-have that I will refer to again and again in my newly qualified role as a mental health first aider.’

Star Girl book review

Shelbi from Mr B’s recommends teen-fiction book Stargirl by Jerri Spinelli:

‘Stargirl is the happiest, bravest, most carefree and non-conformist girl you will ever meet. This story celebrates the joys of being different and explores the fleeting nature of popularity.’

Four Thousand Weeks Book review

Non-fiction read Four Thousand Weeks by Oliver Burke is Mr B’s Sam’s recommendation:

‘Drawing on the insights of philosophers, psychologists, and spiritual teachers to show us how we can ditch the distractions and focus on what really counts, this inspiring and liberating book might just change your life.’

A huge thank you to everyone who recommended their favourite wellbeing books – we hope you find some inspiration in these reviews.

If you’d like more wellbeing book suggestions, Mr B’s Emporium is a beautiful, energetic and innovative bookshop on John Street, Bath and the knowledgeable team there are always happy to help. 

Posted on: 3rd March 2022

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