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An inclusive and supportive community group encouraging positive mental health through peer support and creative pursuits. The group engages in different activities, including art, textiles and crafts. Come to the group and focus on your wellbeing; that may include some mindful art or meeting new people over a cup of tea.

Group members connect with each other in their own way, so there is no pressure to constantly be doing activities. It is a great opportunity to gain new skills from outside facilitators from the Bath College and other members in the group, such as felting, card-making and drawing, and make connections with individuals that are empathetic and open-minded. The Midsomer Norton Wellbeing group recently held a crafts stand and the public snapped up their products. If group members want to talk one on one at the group, the group facilitator and volunteer will be present most of the time. The group is independent and will still meet when staff are away.

The group meets at The Swallows Café in Midsomer Norton on a Tuesday from 11 to 1pm

To find out more about The Midsomer Norton Wellbeing Group please contact:

Becky Hughesman, Bath Mind, telephone 01225 316367 or 07538 113890

Email: [email protected]


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