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Hope Space Café

Hope Space Café is a peer led wellbeing group which meets weekly, providing a safe drop in environment for people with a lived experience of mental health challenges. Attendees come to socialise and make new connections while playing board games, crafting or listening to music. The group aims to add to the local community by providing a space which reduces social anxiety and isolation, and improves the wellbeing of its attendees through the activities and resources on offer. Hope Space is there to be a part of recovery, to build the confidence of all who attend and empower them to feel a sense of ownership and actively influence how the group is run.

Hope Space is currently not running due to social distancing and COVID-19 measures. 

To register your interest in the meantime, contact Becky on: [email protected] or 07538 113890

Alternatively, please complete an online referral via the above link. We are happy to accept self referrals or referrals from a professional who may already be working with you.

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