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This is a fun and friendly mixed game for all abilities. Bath City Football Foundation lead the sessions, with Bath Mind support. We have a wonderful team of volunteers and peer volunteers who you can chat to about your wellbeing at any time. 

When: Every Thursday from 6-7pm
Where: Bath Recreation Ground

You can come along and or call us to talk any queries through. We can also meet and greet you before your first session.

Location notes: Entrance to the Bath Recreation Ground is through the stiles on Laura Place

I go to the football because it keeps me active, when I play all my anxieties and depression melt into the background. Being outside makes me feel free from all the negatives.


With support from Sport England and the National Lottery, our Get Set to Go programme aims to improve the quality of life for anyone with a mental health problem through access to sport and physical activity in the local community. 

We work closely with our key partners Wesport (West of England County Sports Partnership), B&NES Public Health Team, Virgin Care, WREN, GLL Leisure and Bath City Football Foundation. 


Physical Activity Resources:

  • Wesport have launched their Playwaze-powered Activity Finder -now showing virtual and on-demand activity sessions filtered to the West of England.
  • The We Are Undefeatable campaign has a brand new advert which you can watch here. There are also some new resources launching including:
    • My Daily Undefeatable Chatbot: check in with our bot on how you’ve been moving, how it made you feel and how you might move tomorrow and
    • Five in Five: create your own fully customisable mini-workout to complete 5 x 1 minute rounds of movement in a way that works for you.

Head to our Physical Wellbeing activities page for more.

Mind Get Active, Feel Good Resources 


Case Study

As an individual with a diagnosis of anorexia nervosa and generalised anxiety disorder, I have in the past used exercise as a very unhealthy means to control (block out) my emotions.  During the lows of anorexia nervosa I used over exercise in the form of running, and more specifically competitive running, in a way that was severely detrimental to my physical health. In fact, the more severely underweight I became, the faster I was at running and the more successful I became competitively.

It was a cycle of destruction that eventually led to eating disorder inpatient treatment.  Going through the recovery process, I’ve had to set myself clear boundaries around preventing over exercise; learning to ‘run for fun, not for time’ and utilising opportunities for time-bound social exercise, as well as trying to accept my body at a much higher weight – all of which are an ongoing challenge.

However, through the Get Set to Go football sessions, I’ve learnt so much and I have many favourite parts:

  • I’ve learnt to have fun in a genuinely non-competitive way (a massive achievement).  Playing football with Bath Mind, it’s not about winning but purely playing and having fun as a team.
  • I’ve learnt new skills in football, and felt supported and encouraged by the Bath City FC coach/team.
  • I’ve learnt that encouraging others and seeing other people shine and develop in their skills and confidence is what really what makes the game fun.
  • I’ve met a range of new people, with complex and diverse needs, all mutually supportive – creating an encouraging and relaxed atmosphere.
  • I’ve challenged my own social anxieties and feel more confident and positive about trying other new sporting activities, as well as feeling more positive about further challenging my anxieties with new volunteering opportunities in the future.
  • Regardless of what mental state I arrive in at each football session, I always leave much more uplifted, accomplished, energised and relaxed. 

As a peer volunteer I really relish the opportunity to encourage others to take part in sporting activities.  It’s great to take an active part in the sport, but also very rewarding to provide encouragement and support to individuals, and through the weeks see their personalities and skills develop and shine too.” 

Peer Volunteer at Bath Mind

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