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Friends in Need is an informal peer support group for anyone experiencing depression and anxiety, consisting of 10 to 15 members that meet in an informal Café setting in Central Bath.  It is a way of connecting with people who have an understanding of what you might be experiencing to help you feel less isolated and take steps towards recovery. The group is very welcoming to new members with ages ranging from 20 to 90. Group members have the opportunity to build relationships with others and often becoming a great source of strength in people’s recovery.

Here is what group members say:

I suffer with chronic depression and found the Friends in Need group by searching online. This group has been a lifeline for me. It gives me a focus during the week and I enjoy the interaction with other people. It is helping with my recovery. Max has facilitated some evening activities which I have really enjoyed. Recently I have not been very well again and Max offered support to ensure I got to see my care coordinator. I regard him and the FiN group as key players in my recovery team.

The Friends in Need group is always able to support me when I need the help. People are always so understanding. Such a helpful group.

It’s nice to meet people of all ages in a casual friendly atmosphere, where you can talk or just enjoy the company.

A great place to come and talk and make new friends with no pressure.

Gives me a chance to meet up with people with similar problems who understand what I am going through, makes me go out even if I don’t really feel like it.

A friendly group that meets up every week, meet new people, make friends, empathetic conversation, outings and events

The group meets every Wednesday at Manvers Street Café Bath between 1200 and 1400

The group also meets every fortnight on a Monday evening, either gathering in a local café or taking part in a pre-agreed activity such as walking, badminton or a trip to the theatre.

To find out more about Friends in Need please contact:

Becky Hughesman, Bath Mind, telephone 01225 316367 or 07538 113890

Email: [email protected].

Or please complete an online referral via the above link. We are happy to accept self referrals or referrals from a professional who may already be working with you.

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