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The Bath Spa Wellbeing group is a relaxed and informal space in which people talk about anything from wellbeing to what they have doing in the week.

Attendees bring a range of interests, activities and creativity to the group, such as quizzes and discussion of arts and technology. It is a peer-support group, drawing upon the empathy between participants to improve wellbeing and mental health, build confidence and reduce stress. So if people want to discuss difficulties that they have been encountering in their week, they are in a safe and non-judgemental space.

If members are uncomfortable talking about an issue in the group setting, they also have the opportunity to talk 1:1 with the group facilitator following the session.

The group currently meets every Thursday between 1pm-2pm on Zoom. 

To find out more about the Bath Spa Wellbeing Group, please contact:

Becky Hughesman, Bath Mind, telephone 07538 113890

Email: [email protected]


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