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Online Wellbeing in the Workplace

With the UK now facing unprecedented isolation measures, working from home has for many, suddenly become a daily staple of working life. Home working does not have to mean a drop in productivity, however for those who are new to working remotely, it can be a very challenging and isolating experience. That combined with the everyday pressures of a pandemic and limitations on seeing family and friends, means that businesses and organisations of all sizes need to consider more than ever the mental health and wellbeing of their staff.

Here at Bath Mind we can support your organisation and employees in these unprecedented times through our online Wellbeing in the Workplace scheme, which will maximise the mental health and wellbeing potential of your team and help identify problem areas, give tools to manage challenges and build resilience.


Mental Health Awareness Week – Bath Mind Training Events

To mark Mental Health Awareness Week we at Bath Mind, as part of our NEW online Wellbeing in the Workplace scheme are offering two exclusive public workshops for employers and employees.

The effects of COVID-19 have resulted in wholesale changes for both employers and employees and finding ways to maintain wellbeing and promote good mental health at work has never been more important!


Aimed at any line managers or HR professional, it is important to understand how to effectively manage mental health within the parameters of employment law.

Teams may have reduced in size, with businesses capitalising on the Government’s Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme. Whilst, for others, workloads may have increased for businesses to remain operational or viable, either way businesses are having to adapt and change. Creating a culture that supports good mental health can reduce the potential costs of mental health related sickness absence and presenteeism and increase production, innovation, profits and staff retention.

When: Thursday 21st May, 2pm -3pm

Price: £35 per person (plus booking fee – this is currently set at an early bird discount)

Platform: Zoom (The Zoom meeting link will be sent the day before)

The 1 hour live seminar, will cover the following topics:

  • The legislative changes that have been introduced by the Government in response to the pandemic
  • The employees’ rights during Covid-19 and steps employers can take to effectively manage their workforce
  • The potential employment claims to avoid
  • How to promote and champion a strategy covering mental health during lockdown and beyond.

Booking: Please click here to secure your place through Eventbrite.   

Proceeds will go to Bath Mind, local mental health charity, supporting the local community of B&NES during these exceptional times.


Bath Mind’s NEW Online Offer

New Online Workshops

90 minute, 2 hour and 3 hour online CPD sessions including a variety of topics:

  • tips to deal with isolation 
  • anxiety relating to COVID-19
  • tips to keep well whilst working from home
  • keeping in touch with colleagues and our support network and making the most of technology to stay connected 
  • juggling and balancing life priorities 
  • tips to keep moving
  • how managers can support their teams remotely
  • nutrition and the effect on your wellbeing

We can tailor these workshops to fit your organisational needs and create bespoke sessions to tackle the challenges your teams are facing. Sessions will be interactive including group exercises, case studies and useful resources and will facilitate open conversation on how teams can support each other with their wellbeing.

Our Existing Offer Now Online 

Bath Mind deliver existing bespoke mental health training for businesses and organisations under the Wellbeing in the Workplace scheme. This can be anything from a 1 hour overview on Mental Health Awareness to a full day of in-depth Managers Training, all tailored to fit the needs of the organisation.

  • Mental Health at Work – for Employees 
    • Part 1: Workplace Mental Health Awareness
    • Part 2: Being a Workplace Wellbeing Champion
  • Mental Health at Work for HR and Managers
    • Part 1: Workplace Mental Health Awareness for HR and Managers
    • Part 2: Mental Health Conversations for HR and Managers
  • Mental Health Awareness for Frontline Staff & Volunteers
    • Part 1: Mental Health Awareness & Conversations for Frontline Staff & Volunteers 
    • Part 2: Suicide Prevention and Intervention
  • Supporting Student Wellbeing: for staff in education
    • Part 1: Mental Health Awareness for Students and/or Staff 
    • Part 2: Supporting Students and/or Staff in Mental Health Crisis

Online Mindfulness Sessions

1 hour each; 1 – 3 sessions to introduce your colleagues to the power of simple, mindfulness practices that calm the autonomic nervous system, focus the mind and lift mood. We share the brain science behind mindfulness and help participants start or develop their mindfulness practice for improved wellbeing and productivity.

Online 1-1 or Team Wellbeing Coaching 

Via telephone or Skype a Bath Mind Wellbeing Coach will be a listening ear to you or your team to offer support and wellbeing strategies to help employees manage their mood and remain productive at work. We can help your colleagues develop Wellness Action Plans or take steps to increasing self-care for a better work/life balance. This confidential coaching service can receive referrals from individuals themselves or HR/Managers seeking to access support for their colleagues.


Online Workplace Mediation

Bath Mind offers workplace mediation to assist organisations to support employees affected by mental health difficulties. Through Zoom an accredited mediator will work with your HR team to provide a fully confidential resolution service between colleagues, or employees and managers. Through mediation, we can help colleagues put measures and reasonable adjustments in place which will help employees experiencing poor mental health to remain in employment or return to work.

Mental Relaxation with The Soul Spa

The Soul Spa offer 20 minutes of a live-streamed guided mental relaxation for your team, a great way to keep your employees mentally fit and motivated. You can choose from one of their existing classes or ask them to create a bespoke session that would speak to your particular circumstances. They can create sessions to help with focus and creativity, teach people how to access a place of deep mental relaxation or even lead them through an iRest session for a deliberate power nap – a wonderful thing to do just after lunch to ensure an energised afternoon!

A one off 20 minute session is only £24
A package of 6 sessions is £120 with 20% donated to Bath Mind.


For our PDF brochure, please click here.

Please note this is a chargeable service however any surplus income goes straight back into supporting the local community of B&NES during these exceptional time.

For more information please contact Hannah Roper hannahrop[email protected]

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