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Bath Mind’s 2020 Christmas Appeal

Bath Mind have been there for our community every step of the way since lockdown began. With winter and the festive season approaching…


We need your help.

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Christmas desperately affects the mental health and wellbeing of those living with mental ill-health. The winter period is an extremely vulnerable time for people in need of support. Bath Mind are busier than ever this year due to the pandemic, with more people in our community struggling with poor mental health, isolation and devastating loneliness.

How do we support people?

Bath Mind supports the essential mental health and wellbeing needs of hundreds of people across B&NES. We have adapted these services to include remote support and care wherever possible, however we urgently need funds to support the strain placed on our services by COVID-19 measures this winter.

Since the beginning of the pandemic in the UK, Bath Mind have:

  • Taken over 1,000 crisis calls
  • Prevented over 108 suicides
  • Saved the NHS over £224,000 with our step-down care housing
  • Provided over 360 hours of 1:1 counselling sessions
  • Trained 296 people online in mental health and wellbeing

The list goes on, and we’re incredibly proud of how we have helped our community so far. With your donation, we can extend our support even further.

Case Study

Bath Mind won’t criticise you, they’ll treat you as a person and not judge you and they will help you through what you’re going through… If it wasn’t for you (Bath Mind), I wouldn’t be here.



£3000 will help us support over 150 people in our community with a vital call to our crisis line, to prevent people from feeling lonely and isolated this Christmas.


As a thank you for your donation and support, access your own Christmas themed wellbeing advent calendars, activities, and print-out cards at our Christmas Wellbeing Activities page! 


Posted on: 30th November 2020

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