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Self help tips

What is self-help?

Everyone can look after their mental health, whether they are experiencing difficulties or not. As well as getting professional support, lots of people benefit from simple tools and techniques that they can use themselves and which then keep them well.

There are lots of different ways to help yourself and different people respond to different things. Some of the things people have told us work well including getting active, spending time with friends and relaxation exercises.

Below are some useful links

We know that different things help different people. 

In our resources section we list some ideas and sites that people have told us about, that have worked for them.

5 ways to wellbeing

Building these small actions into your day-to-day life can make a big difference to your levels of wellbeing. They will make you feel good and feeling good about yourself and others is a really important part of being healthy. See the Wellbeing College for more info: 


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